Fantaclaus TechNOLOGIES

Ideas transformed into reality

Fantaclaus Technologies is an AI consultancy and service providing company that helps businesses harness the power of AI to drive growth and advancement.

What we offer ?


We provide AI strategies, Roadmaps, use case identification and business case building hence creating ocean of opportunities for you to integrate AI solutions into your business.


Through our extensive experience and pre-built solutions, we can build a quick working prototype which can be used to experiment in a live setting and understand your needs better.

Chief AI Officer

We partner with organizations with common vision at a founding level. Where we assume the responsibility for strategy and product development. 


We transform ideas into fully-fledged AI-powered solutions. With ultra-careful planning, rigorous testing, and unwavering dedication, we bring your visions to life.

Our expertise spans across various AI solutions and its use cases

Our Approach to AI consulting and Development



We provide AI strategies, Roadmaps, use case identification and business case building hence creating ocean of opportunities for you to integrate AI solutions into your business.



We craft tailored AI solutions to your specific challenges. we conceptualize the architecture & algorithms needed for solving your case.



We build a tangible prototype of the AI solution. It serves as a testbed to validate feasibility and functionality before committing to Implementation.



Our skilled engineers and data scientists work collaboratively on best AI practices, integrate the ML models, and launch your solution into a desired environment.

Key benefits of inculcating AI into Business

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

AI-powered solutions can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks with precision and speed. This frees up employee’s time enabling them to focus on more complex and strategic activities, leading to increased productivity.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

AI can analyse vast amounts of data quickly and extract valuable insights. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and predict future outcomes with greater accuracy. It can lead to better strategic planning and improved competitiveness.

Enhanced Customer Experience

AI can personalize customer interactions through chatbots, recommendation engines. This personalization improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also allows for real-time customer support and faster issue resolution.

Cost Savings and Scalability

AI solutions can scale easily to meet increasing demands without proportional increases in labour costs. Implementing AI can reduce the need for manual labour, lowers error rates, and optimizes resource allocation. 


Meet Our Founders

Sukrit Goel
  • IIT Kanpur (2008), 14+ years of experience – Inv. banking, B2B start-up founder, manufacturing, ecommerce, hospitality, consulting
  • Various roles: Quant analyst, founder, marketing, sales, analytics, AI, leader across levels
  • Key skills: Analytics, AI, marketing, customer success, team building
Swati Jain Goel
  • IIT Bombay (2008), 14+ years of experience – Inv. banking, fintech
  • Various roles: Quant analyst, functional leader
  • Key skills: Analytics, AI, finance

Why us?

Leading AI solutions provider with a proven track record of success.
Team of experienced AI experts who are passionate about helping businesses succeed.
Offer a wide range of AI solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.
Committed to providing you with the best possible service and support.